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Deep Scan Tech makes headlines as a Top 10 startup in Talouselämä business magazine

 Published on March 1, 2024

Deep Scan Tech's groundbreaking achievements continue to garner attention, with the company recently being featured on Talouselämä magazine's top 10 startups list [1]. Talouselämä is the leading business magazine in Finland and being selected to its annual top 10 of startup companies is widely considered a prestigious achievement.

Recognized for its innovative approach to 3D scanning technology, Deep Scan Tech has developed unique data analytics capabilities that enable the creation of unparalleled underground images from the surface. The company's non-invasive and cost-effective solution has already attracted a diverse range of clients and partners across industries.

"Being selected for the top 10 list of startups in Talouselämä magazine is a prestigious achievement for Deep Scan Tech.”

The applications of this technology are vast and varied, ranging from urban planning and infrastructure development to environmental monitoring and preventive maintenance of buildings. Deep Scan Tech's solution is non-invasive, cost-effective, and scalable, making it an attractive alternative to traditional methods such as drilling or ground-penetrating radar.

The startup has attracted several customers and partners from different sectors, such as construction, engineering, utilities, and mining. The value and versatility of the 3D scanning technology has been shown in various projects, such as scanning the foundations of Denmark’s tallest building, Mindet 6 [2], and mapping the conditions of underground structures at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Suomenlinna [3].

Deep Scan Tech is a shining example of how Finnish startups are leading the way in the clean tech sector, using advanced software and data analytics to create sustainable and smart solutions for the future. The company is driven by a vision of creating sustainable and smart solutions for the future, using its innovative 3D scanning technology. With its impressive achievements, talented team, and a growing customer base, Deep Scan Tech is on track to become the newest success story of the Finnish startup ecosystem.

[1]: Talouselämä: The 10 most promising startups of 2024
[2]: Deep Scan Tech uncovers hidden structures at the site of Denmark's tallest building
[3]: Deep Scan Tech is unlocking the hidden secrets of Suomenlinna's historic drydock

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